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P330k road expansion in Laguna area starts

By Hannah Patricia T. Abril | News Writer

Vol. XCI No. 14

Jan. 17, 2020

Silliman University constructs ₱330K estimated worth of road expansion at the Laguna gate area for demarcation of student sidewalk and vehicle area to be completed this week.

The road shouldering was constructed in response to the congested road as the unavailability of proper sidewalk for students, an accident-prone area as the increasing number of vehicles pass by the Laguna gate.

The Buildings and Grounds office took action to start the construction due to the student’s complaints and as per the request of Silliman University president, Dr. Betty Cernol-McCann. The road expansion took place last December, before the Christmas break and is expected to finish this week.

SU Buildings and Grounds superintendent Engr. Edgar Ygnalaga Jr. stated that a few finishing touch-ups are left including paint on the western side of the road to indicate the sidewalk, the transferring of the guardhouse near the creek, and the gate expansion. 

Engr. Ynalaga stated that the entire goal of the road shouldering was to have the students a designated walking area when passing by the Laguna gate.

Atong road (Laguna) is gi-design man gud na siya [para sa] pedicab sauna. [In school years] 1987-1992, in a class of 60 students sa College of Engineering, usa ra ang naay sakyanan. But karon halos tanan naa nay sakyanan… Karon daghan pud nga vehicles ang musulod, so mu-put siya ug danger sa mga students.” [Before, our road (Laguna) was designed for the passage of pedicab. In school years 1987-1992, in a class of 60 students from the College of Engineering, only one student owns a car, but as of now almost all possess one, so this puts-out a danger for the students.]

The Buildings and Grounds faced a few challenges during the construction of the site such as having the private areas and houses move their plants for the expansion and hiring a third-party licensed surveyor to confirm a few areas if it is under university property.  

Engr. Ynalaga viewed the project as a beneficial aspect for students to engage in walking around the campus, considering it as an exercise for the Sillimanians. The Laguna road shouldering was a positive start-up for upcoming road expansions such as additional parking areas.

A sticker policy was implemented to limit and control the number of vehicles that enter the campus and encourage students to walk. 

“Like what we did in front the regular dorms, Doltz, Larena, and Woodward, we set back the hedges to accommodate more parking on that side. Ug naay ga activities sa Ravello field, daghan ma parkingan didto.” Engr. Ynalaga said in connection with the plans of additional parking spaces.

This is relevant during the graduation season in March, where the sticker policy is being lifted to accommodate guests.

A walkway is soon to be established by the Monapil area going medical school, making it convenient and efficient for students entering and exiting the campus. An update of the constructed building beside the Pulido Hall was said to be completed by the end of the school year, and ready to accommodate students for the school year 2020-2021.


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