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Main Library to go ‘modern’

By Edan Sam G. Pancho | News Writer

Vol. XCI No. 14

Jan. 17, 2020

Silliman University (SU) Library as a part of the development project of a digital library, reinvents teaching and learning by instilling the latest hardware and software infrastructure soon.  The project is a subset of the main proposal to modernize the SU library system.

Dr. Dave Marcial, Dean of the College of Computer Studies spearheaded the project with inputs from the university librarian, Myra Villanueva and the Ad-hoc Committee on Library Modernization Project led by Mrs. Isabel Mariño. According to Dr. Marcial’s rationale, the modernization of the library is part of the initiatives in place with the emphasis on Programs, People and Partnership.

The digital library is millennial-friendly and “does not have a physical boundary, can store more information, and offer access to multiple resources simultaneously.” An ad-hoc committee is formed to re-landscape the library with one of its plants to allocate space on the 3rd floor for the digital library.

The initial proposal to modernize the SU library is headed by the Library Modernization Project Ad-hoc Committee.

Members of the said committee are Isabel Mariño, Arnel Faller, Rey Dennis Caballero, Sarah Angiela Ragay, Godswill Carino, Lolita Paeste and Herminia Lazalita. Their goals as stated in their proposal paper is to reinvent the SU library system to cater to the information needs of the new generations of users using the relevant and recent technological advancements and this was submitted to the Board of Trustees through the University President.

Study habits and preferences are changing but library facilities remains the same. According to them, the advent of technology causes a decrease in library visitors who capitalize on online library resources.

Dr. Mariano Lao donated 5 million pesos for the digital library and the Uytengsu Foundation committed funding for the Library Modernization project.


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