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10 Sillimanians pass Agri board exam

Ten out of 21 Sillimanians passed the November 2019 Agriculturist Licensure Examination held last Nov. 5 to 7.

Silliman University (SU) registered a 47.62 percent passing rate according to Professional Regulation Commission, with nine first-time takers and one repeater. Overall, 5,538 out of 13,492 passed the exam marking a passing rate of 41.05 percent.

Previously, SU garnered 80.00 percent passing rate during the June 2018 Agriculturist Licensure Examination, with 16 out of 20 passers.

The newly licensed SU Agriculturists are:

  1. Adrias, Zerome Inno
  2. Canete, Doris
  3. Dalman, Christian James Keith
  4. Favor, Clinton Jan
  5. Flores, Sebastian Kurt
  6. Jardinico, Kyle Carlo
  7. Sallan, George Edward
  8. Tubil, Carl
  9. Villanueva, Ley Louie
  10. Villareal, Cernan

Edwin Cubelo, Dean of the College of Agriculture, shared that the results have not been up to standards.

“Historically, our records have been much higher than what we got this year. Although our percentage for the first-time takers is 60 percent—way higher than the national average of 41 percent. But it’s still below our standards,” Cubelo stated.

He added that the takers have said that the exam consisted of situational questions, which they were not fully prepared for.

“You have to make use of your facts there [in situational questions]; memorization would not work anymore. That’s the thing that we have to emphasize: how is it that we can really prepare the students in terms of using the facts and theories that they have, and how they could apply it in interpreting a given situation,” he said.


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