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MTRCB discusses its powers and functions to SU students

By Nathan Angelo B. Cruz | Web Manager

Vol. XCI No. 10

Nov. 22, 2019

Board members of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) lecture students on the roles, powers, and the MTRCB classification of programs at the Multi-Purpose Room in Silliman University (SU) on November 14.

The event, participated by Senior High School and College of Mass Communication students of SU, aimed to “reach out” and spread information throughout the people regarding how MTRCB works, as part of the Matalinong Panonood Campaign. 

Atty. Paolo Lim, Board Member of the MTRCB discussed the “Powers and Functions of MTRCB”, including the classification of the kinds of materials and programs that the MTRCB does and does not cover and the process and standards used during screening to determine a piece of media’s rating, among others.

“MTRCB or the board members screen review and examine all motion pictures, television programs, and publishable materials. As I said, we screen and debut all those contents which fall under the scope of authority,” said Atty. Lim

He shared an example of the procedure, citing the “X” turned “R-16” film, Metamorphosis, wherein he was the chairman of the review committee for it. The film dealt with intersex which, although Lim had no problem with content-wise, still contained gratuitous and objectionable portions that led to the initial rating.

Racquel Cruz, the next Board Member explained the “Revised Television Classification” that viewers see before the start of programs. MTRCB categorizes TV programs into three, General audience, Parental Guidance, and Strong Parental Guidance.  

“The essence of the MTRCB in dealing with ratings and classifications is to be able to have a well-represented sector of society that will be reviewing the materials that are sent to it for review.” remarked by Racquel Cruz.

Marissa Laguardia the last Board Member speaker  presented the “Revised Movie Classification.” She explained the different ratings and the criteria that earn a film of a certain rating.

The Matalinong Panonood Campaign began during the time of the previous MTRCB chairperson, Eugenio Villareal, five to six years ago.

Laguardia added that viewers with complaints can contact the MTRCB since they cannot act on complaints if nobody informs them. 


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