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SU welcomes partnership with Japanese University

By Henrie Angelie Tam | News Writer

Vol. XCIII No. 7

Sept. 27, 2019

Silliman University (SU) welcomed guests from Nagoya Gakuin University (NGU) of Japan last Sept. 11-17 to discuss future collaborations.

The guests included Dr. Yoshiharu Masuda, a college professor, and freshmen students of NGU namely: Akira Kato and Kaito Kokubo, Physical Therapy students, and Tomoro Shindo, an English major.

According to Dr. Lily Ann Bautista, SU Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences director, NGU contacted SU for an exploratory visit inside the institute and for a discussion on a possible exchange program. Correspondingly, Dr. Masuda and company were toured around the institute by Dr. Bautista last Sept. 13.

Last Sept. 16, students from NGU demonstrated their coffee brewing skills at the Kokusai Kapayapaan Cafe and Gramophone Exhibition at the Oriental Hall.

According to Jezeree Jeonne Gajelomo, one of the organizers of the event said that the purpose of the event was to expose students of the Japanese culture, as well as to strengthen the partnership between SU and other universities from different parts of the world.

On the same day, Dr. Masuda presented his gramophone skills at the College of Performing and Visual Arts. His demonstration consisted of creating different timbres through various needles without the use of electricity.

Dr. Masuda is famous for his documentary film entitled, “Yoshi’s Blend.” The film showed how Dr. Masuda’s coffee helped elevate the lives of the Japanese tsunami victims in Kobe. It also explored musical therapy as a healing aspect aside from physical aspects when recovering from trauma.

Meanwhile, Director of Strategic Partnerships Dr. Jenny Lind Elmaco continues to collaborate with other institutions to provide students with different opportunities outside of the classroom setting.


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