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Med School produces 59 licensed physicians

By Kristhel Hannah Baluarte | News Editor

Vol. XCIII No. 7

Sept. 27, 2019

Silliman University Medical School (SUMS) produced 59 new physicians who passed the September 2019 Physician Licensure Exam (PLE) given last Sept. 7, 8, 14 and 15.

Silliman University (SU) earned a passing rate of 98.33%, surpassing the national average of 84.96%.

Meanwhile, Dr. Walden Ursos, dean of SUMS, said that the medical profession is of service to others, especially to the sick and those who have no access to health care. He wishes that the new board passers will find their role in the implementation of the Universal Health Care Law of this country.

According to the Professional Regulation Commission, 4,006 out of 4,716 passed the PLE 2019.

The newly licensed physicians of SU are:

1. Abella, Eljay Mae A.
2. Alcala, Cazielle Kate B.
3. Alonzo, Thea Kristelle V.
4. Amante, Jonathan IV K.
5. Aquino, Jeremiah
6. Araneta, Leonard Vince T.
7. Bandico, Jonahmae H.
8. Barlisan, Alwina May P.
9. Bejarasco, Hanna Claire P.
10. Benasing, Mohammad Walley F.
11. Bigno, Jennalyn A.
12. Bogabong, Moh’d Ryane Eid A.
13. Braga, Philip Jay D.
14. Buenavista, Casey Brent C.
15. Cabahug, Danielle Angelique N.
16. Cabiles, Sigrid Lourdes T.
17. Calumpong, Eiffel Athena F.
18. Cimafranca, Louie Mar E.
19. Contreras, Phil Edgar E.
20. De Guzman, Roy Anthony T.
21. Delmo, Hazel Frans
22. Delos Santos, Rother Jan B.
23. Dempsey, Spencer Michael M.
24. Duran, L. Angelique Gene E.
25. Escabarte, Belle T.
26. Estreller, Ivan T.
27. Fausto, Abigail T.
28. Galura, Merianne Joy S.
29. Garpa, Marsha Lou S.
30. Gener, Jashen D.
31. Giangan, John Kevin C.
32. Goroy, Irish Jullienne M.
33. Homecillo, Rogo C.
34. Jakosalem, Kim G.
35. Loques, Ace Mykole P.
36. Magboo, Edna Jane Adelee II P.
37. Malinao, Diane Mae D.
38. Manahon, Donabella D.
39. Maxino, David Timothy R.
40. Miraflor, Brian Matthew H.
41. Montebon, Keziah Marie U.
42. Montecino, Diane G.
43. Pakilit, Katrina S.
44. Po, Gabriel Vincent B.
45. Poliran, Kweena Lou A.
46. Porlucas, Eden Pearl J.
47. Ramos, Christopher King G.
48. Salig, Ivy B.
49. Siao, Winnie Maureen H.
50. Solano, Kyle Vinci P.
51. Suan, Essel M.
52. Sumagang, Leana Rae C.
53. Takinan, Ayara Aynne D.
54. Tan, Joey A.
55. Tenorio, Jehaila B.
56. Teves, Serafin Gino B.
57. Vitug, Kevin S.
58. Voskamp, Andres Anthony Eli II C.
59. Yap, Carl Gerard A.

“Congratulations to them [passers] and to the faculty and staff of SUMS!” Dr. Ursos said.


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