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Two Sillimanians top ND boards

By Henrie Angelie L. Tam & Dominic Zi Ann Ng | News Writers

Vol. XCI No. 6

Sept. 6, 2019

Silliman University (SU) strikes again as two graduates from the university topped the Nutrition Dietetics (ND) Licensure Examination last August 18-19. 

Ferido, Joshua placed sixth with an average of 89.35% and Sagun, Christian Denzel placed tenth with an average of 88.7%.

SU garnered a 94.12% passing rate surpassing the national passing rate of 63.81%. 

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that 968 out of 1,517 passed the Nutritionist-Dietician Licensure Examination. A total of 32 students from SU became newly registered nutritionist-dietitians. 

The newly licensed Nutritionist-Dieticians of SU are:

  1. Aba, Daniel Angelo V. 
  2. Abrio, Kurt Jan Ronald J. 
  3. Agader, Mieden N. 
  4. Alima, Uzzy Frayant B. 
  5. Amigo, Mikel Anton Theodore C. 
  6. Balbuena, Judith May J. 
  7. Barot, Kidd Kenny Q. 
  8. Bigay, Kervin B. 
  9. Bucad, Caryl Faye T. 
  10. Cuevas, Christyll Angellic P. 
  11. Duka, Jennica Shane V. 
  12. Duran, Rhoanna Deesree O. 
  13. Ferido, Joshua T. 
  14. Flores, Reanna A. 
  15. Gabuya, Kathleen Jane K. 
  16. Gaviola, Warlymae E. 
  17. Gonzaga, Enya B. 
  18. Hachuela, Rex Alfred Julius P. 
  19. Khio, Alein Geil Adrienne B. 
  20. Laurente, Jayna Mae L. 
  21. Marfil, Mark John Dale A. 
  22. Migullas, Gerek P. 
  23. Pawaki, Razeen-Khazaz S. 
  24. Reyes, Jose Richard IV T. 
  25. Sagario, Vince Ronan G. 
  26. Sagun, Christian Denzel T. 
  27. Somido, Vince Julius B. 
  28. Tabilon, Tedee S. 
  29. Tolentino, Jenevieve R. 
  30. Tuanda, Rjica Jenina P. 
  31. Villadolid, Paul Joshua G. 
  32. Zamoras, Marianne E. 

According to Prof. Jin H. Genove, chairperson of the Nutrition-Dietetics department, the examinees took a refresher course here in SU and took the examination in Manila and Cebu.

Meanwhile, when asked what advice the ND toppers can give to students, Ferido advised them to, “Never strive for perfection but strive for excellence and the best version of yourself.” According to him, there will be days where it will be hard and discouraging, but he urges students to carry on because those days will teach them humility. He also encourages students to always be thankful to God and to put on a smile during hard times. 

Sagun, on the other hand, advised students not to succumb to the pressure since everyone has a different pace. He tells students to take it easy and “don’t feel guilty for binge-watching that entire Netflix series or going out with friends because you deserve to take a breather once in a while.” When students feel down, he advises to “call it a day and take a rest but remember to get back up tomorrow and hustle again.” 

Currently, Sagun is a medical student at the Cebu Institute of Medicine. Ferido hopes to pursue medicine as well.

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) administered the Nutrition and Dietetics licensure examination in Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Davao, and Zamboanga. Aside from SU, students from Adventist University of The Philippines, Polytechnic University of The Philippines-Main-Sta. Mesa, University of Santo Tomas, University of the Philippines Dilliman and Los Baños also garnered the ten highest places on the board exam.  


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