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SU ranks third in Mechanical Engineer Licensure Examination; 34 pass

By Dominic Zi Ann D. Ng | News Writer

Vol. XCI No. 6

Sept. 6, 2019

Silliman University (SU) ranked third in the list of top 10 Mechanical Engineering schools in the Philippines during the August 2019 Mechanical Engineer Licensure Examination.

In line with this, thirty-four SU graduates passed the Mechanical Engineer Licensure Examination given last Aug. 25-26. The university’s overall passing rate is 94.44%, while the national passing rate is 70.61%. Out of these 34 passers are two repeaters who passed the exam.

According to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), an announcement was given on Aug. 31 that 3,928 out of 5,563 passed the exam given by the Board of Mechanical Engineering in various cities of the Philippines.

Chairperson of SU Mechanical Engineering Department Engr. Louie Pierre O. Equio said 33 of them took the exam in Cebu while one examinee took it in Manila.

The newly licensed Mechanical Engineers of SU are:

  1. Abella, Franz Martin Ingo
  2. Ablong, John Christian Borja
  3. Bais, Millard John Abellon
  4. Barot, Abiel Abejero
  5. Bongalos, Gian Marco
  6. Buling, Junmar Patron 
  7. Ceriales, Neil Anthony Eumague
  8. Cordova, Aries Niño Ramos
  9. Credo, Ted Matthew Gabriel Infante
  10. Domen, Dominique Anne Hachero
  11. Duca, Mike Francis Geralde
  12. Dueñas, Meneses Jr. Tapia
  13. Fuentes, Uzziel Gene Malahay
  14. Garcia, Jon David Galia
  15. Lirazan, Primzelle Uy
  16. Lomboy, Abel Jan Villanueva
  17. Mananquil, Ramon Isaac Tang
  18. Mariño, Lawrence Joseph Besario
  19. Montes, Chester Dave Gañas
  20. Nario, Joshua Mariano Estrellado
  21. Otod, Philscent Mark Tamala
  22. Paglinawan, Neil Jr. Quiro-Quiro
  23. Pastorfie, Mark David Alde
  24. Pinili, Petil Pam Teves
  25. Publico, Rouell Luis Luga
  26. Quiamco, Chris Joshua Sison
  27. Refe, Renz Kyle Balahan
  28. Ricaborda, Ben Jeco Abalos
  29. Rich, Nicole Joy Camposano
  30. Rosales, Vincent Rey Mirambel
  31. Salvoro, Leopoldo Jr. Alcancia
  32. Tabilon, Joshua Lloyd Banogon
  33. Tuale, Jezrell Torreda
  34. Verstrepen, Brent Santillan

“Be reminded that passing the board exam is just the beginning of your journey as engineers,” Engr. Equio said in congratulating the new Mechanical Engineers of SU.

He also congratulated the faculty and staff of the College of Engineering and Design, especially his colleagues in the Mechanical Engineering Department for doing great.


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