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SUPT ranks 4th top performing school in PH

By Dominic Zi Ann Ng | News Writer

Vol. XCI No. 4

Thirty-four out of 37 board takers passed the Physical Therapy Licensure Examination last Aug. 14, earning Silliman University (SU) the 4th place among the top-per­forming schools with a passing rate of 91.89%.

“Preparation starts from the time they start taking their first major subject,” said Dr. Lily Ann Bautista, SU Institute of Reha­bilitative Sciences director. She also added that their curriculum is geared towards producing globally compe­tent physical therapists.

During their internship, they are provided with monthly exams that are “board-type” ques­tions in nature. They are regularly encouraged to review the different pathologies as they encounter them during the internship, Dr. Bautista added.

The students underwent four different oral reválida, an examination administered at the end of an academic term, from their 4th to internship year that covers all topics related to Physical Therapy.

During their 4th year, the students had two sets of 300-item written reválida and a 600-item writ­ten reválida at the end of their intern­ship.

Dr. Bautista believes that these extensive experiences during the internship helped them prepare and improve their critical-think­ing skills. These gave the students the experience on how to answer “board-type” questions on a limited time.

This also gave them the idea that they can identify their strengths and weaknesses to prepare them for the board examination.

The SU Physical Therapy has 14 affiliation centers; six in Ma­nila, three in Cebu, two in Bacolod, and three in Dumaguete and Dauin.


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