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Dr. SyCip-Wale: Listen to what the community wants

By Henrie Angelie L. Tam | News Writer

Vol. XCI No. 4

“Listen to what the com­munity wants,” said Dr. Fe L. Sy­Cip-Wale when asked about what les­sons students should get on her book entitled “Evolution of Medical Exten­sion Work” launched at the Silliman University (SU) Library last Aug.14.

Dr. SyCip-Wale’s book is about her experience for the past 45 years in the community service.

Under the SU Marina Mis­sion Clinic in Dauin, Dr. SyCip-Wale acquired 45 years of practice and ser­vice to rural areas in Negros Oriental. She learned that it is an entirely dif­ferent story when it comes to visiting rural areas.

“Listen to their health needs before giving them the information,” Dr. SyCip-Wale said. From her expe­rience, income and food come first before health.

Health education, commu­nity health work, ways to prevent common diseases, and promote good health are discussed in her book.

According to her, she was persuaded to study herbal medicine and acupuncture since there was no available Western medicine in rural areas.

She also explained to com­munities why medicines are expen­sive. She believes that it helps people understand the value of their health and get a better grasp of health care.

Aside from health, her book also discusses on holistic approaches to boost the community — from spiritual activities to lectures about promoting cooperatives and work­ing together to achieve one common goal.

Other topics discussed in the book are the history behind the SU Marina Mission Clinic, how SU started community work since 1933 and monitoring of areas Dr. Sy­Cip-Wale’s service has reached.

Her book is a follow-up on her previous book which is also about the SU Marina Mission Clinic pub­lished in 1997.

Present during the book launch were Dr. Angel C. Alcala, national scientist and professor; Dr. Earl Jude L. Cleope, vice president for Academic Affairs; Rev. Dr. Nori­el Capulong, SU Church pastor; Non-government groups (NGOs) and SU faculty and staff.

Dr. SyCip-Wale donated two copies of her book to the SU Library. In addition, copies are available at Katipunan Hall room 7.


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