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SU instates military reinforcements around the campus

By Henrie Angelie L. Tam & Domnic Zi Ann D. Ng | News Writers

Vol. XCI No. 3 — Aug. 14, 2019

On the morning of Aug. 5, Silliman University (SU) Administration requested the Philippine National Police and the 302nd Infantry Brigade from Camp Leon Kilat, Tanjay City to deploy some of their troops in the campus.

The 302nd Infantry Brigade troops are additional personnel to further strengthening the security of the university.

“There was a security concern because somebody sent a bomb threat twice,” said Dr. Earl Jude Paul L. Cleope, officer-in-charge and vice president for Academic Affairs.

Dr. Cleope in a conference with Brig. General Ignacio B. Madriaga, commander of the 302nd Infantry Brigade, agreed to start the augmentation early due to the recent threats the university had received.

Last August 6, at least two troops were stationed at the main gates of the campus.
According to Dr. Cleope, Brig. Gen. Madriaga assisted by sending eight personnel as a way of extending the security measures of the university. Moreover, it is to assure the public and the stakeholders that the authorities are concerned and deeply involved.

In accordance with their agreement, the soldiers this week were given time to rest and will be back on Aug. 18 until the end of the month.
Dr. Cleope clarified that the servicemen never patrolled at night. There was footage circulating of two patrolling military personnel along Roman Yap Lane; however the two personnel were not on duty but were on their way back to their barracks situated at the SU Gym.

The Safety and Security Committee of the university held a meeting last Aug. 13. The university is also developing certain protocols for an Incident Command System (ICS). ICS is a procedure on specific responses to crises and calamities that might happen.

Meanwhile, SUSG president Aprille Juanillo advised that the students should not be alarmed. The university obliges everyone to follow the measures being implemented on the campus.

Regarding the upcoming Hibalag, the university’s security will be tighter and security emergency procedures will be observed.


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