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Mr. Hibalag holds first-ever Sportsfest

By Kristhel Hannah B. Baluarte | News Editor

Vol. XCI No. 2 — Aug. 7, 2019

Mr. Hibalag presented its first-ever sportsfest to kick-off this year’s pageantry, held at Incredoball Sports and Development Center last July 29.

“The event is where the Mr. Hibalag candidates can showcase their talents in sports and [can have] exposure to the public,” said Dave Tucay, Sportsfest organizer and Mr. Hibalag 2019 Chairperson.

The ten Mr. Hibalag candidates from different organizations are: Ralph Libradilla (Silliman University Physical Therapy Students’ Association), Dominic Fernandez (Silliman University College of Nursing Association), Ethan Schewaga (Philippine Institute of Computer Engineering Students), Luke Almodiel (Silliman University Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants), Robert Christian Aguilar (College of Education Student Organization), Sherwayne Hornig (Young Entrepreneurs Society of Silliman), Jung Jun Oh (Higala International: Students from Around the World), Joseph Dixon Javil (Silliman University Medical Technology Society), Gilmore Leano (Kapunungan sa mga Mass Communicators) and Cedrick Antiquina (Silliman University Medical Students Association).

Tucay said that the Sportsfest was the first event wherein the candidates were officially presented publicly to their supporters. This is a chance for them to see the candidates’ teamwork and have fun.                                                                                        

A showcase of talent was presented during the event wherein candidates were teamed up with Team A (Javil, Antiquina, Schewaga); Team B (Hornig, Leano, Almodiel); and Team C (Libradilla, Aguilar, Fernandez). The candidates showcased a dance number, with the exception of Oh who was unable to join the event due to personal matters.

A basketball and volleyball game between the candidates proceeded with team Mr. Hibalag composed of Fernandez, Hornig, Leano, Javil and Schewaga for the basketball and all the candidates for the volleyball. Meanwhile, for the opposing team– team RYLF– Jerome Oconer, Gab Larena, Juan Lim, Kenneth Malazarte, Kurt Turtal, Kyle Reynado, TJ Bele and Tristan Rosales played the game.

The goal of the game was to make the candidates close with each other, thus, they weren’t strict with the scoring, said Sportsfest organizer Chona Lynn Crouch. However, the game was not finished due to heavy rain.

This year’s Mr. Hibalag theme is “Silliman Man: A Hallmark of Bourne and Purpose.” According to Jezeree Jeonne Gajelomo, president of Renaissance Youth Leaders Forum, the theme highlights on the embodying of what a Silliman man is and his distinguishing characteristic that exhibits a specific goal and purpose. Moreover, the pageant lets the candidates realize their purpose as a Silliman Man and as part of the society further strengthening the principles and goals of the Mr. Hibalag.

The candidates will present their talents and deliver their advocacy speech on the Pre-Pageant to be held at Market Place on August 11 and vie for the crown on the pageant night on August 22, 2019.


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