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Dolphy stars in environmental video game

By Ella Ayangco

Actor Eric Quizon promoted environment preservation education to elementary students in the province through a video game.
Quizon encouraged the grade six students of Silliman University as well as other kids from Little Children of the Philippines to be environmentally friendly through the newest game Dolphy Cleanup which he presented during the annual book reading event last Sept 3 at the Silliman University Main Library.
He said that the game is similar to the worldwide phenomenon “Super Mario.” Dolphy’s holds the main character as a warrior against climate change. While jumping and running around, the character will be picking up garbage,
separating biodegradable from the non-biodegradable. A software company from the United States of America, iGen Technologies, tapped the Quizon family in their interest to develop this game parallel to the advocacy of the comedy king.
As part of Dolphy’s advocacy on education, Quizon believes that this game could help children learn about the dangers in our environment and that it is a part of the children’s learning about the world.
“Education is not just like giving scholarships, it’s also being able to inform the people on how to preserve the Earth. And that is a way of teaching, a way of learning,” said Quizon.
As part of living his father’s legacy and advocacy, the game will be officially launched around October of this year.


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