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SG assembly resolutions push for longer lib hours, more lights

Nathan Angelo B. Cruz | News Writer

LONGER LIBRARY HOURS during exam weeks and additional street lights were among the four resolutions approved by representatives of the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Assembly last Sept. 2.

The resolutions were: requesting to provide proper labeling of comfort rooms for men and women in the Engineering Complex; to provide street lights surrounding Alumni Hall; to extend one hour of the operating hours in the Silliman University Main Library during preliminary, midterm and final exam weeks; and to extend one hour of the daily operating hours of the SU Junior High School Library.

Committee of Resolutions Chairperson Jules Anzures said resolutions approved during the SUSG Assembly will then be presented to the SUSG president who may approve or veto them. Once voted, this will be reconsidered by the Assembly. When approved, they will be executed and forwarded to the concerned departments.

CR labeling

This resolution involves the proper labeling of “Male” and “Female” signages of comfort rooms (CRs) located at the Calderon Hall (CH), the Uytengsu Hall (UH) and the Charles Batchelor Building (CBB). Only three out of the eight CRs in this area are labeled properly.

Vern Alferez, College of Engineering and Design student representative, said this resolution would reduce confusion among students who would often mistake, for example, the female CR in CBB for a male CR.

Additional lights

This resolution proposed the installation of streetlights around Alumni Hall, specifically in the alleys between Alumni Hall, UH, and CH which are deemed to be poorly lighted.

This also aims to promote the security of people who pass by the area.

Alferez said this resolution is for the students whose classes end at 8:30 p.m. who must pass by this area, as well as for guests who stay at Alumni Hall.

Library Operating Hours

This resolution proposed an extension of one hour to the operating hours of the Junior High School (JHS) and Robert B. and Metta J. Silliman University Main libraries; the Main Library’s hours to be extended only during preliminary, midterm and final exam periods.

Currently, the JHS library closes by 5 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday; while the Main Library closes by 9 p.m. from Monday to Thursday; 8 p.m. on Friday; and
6:30 p.m. on weekends during exam periods.

Jung Jun Oh, JHS Vice-Governor, said the resolution for the JHS library is because of the limited time given to JHS students during breaks, which mean that they have less time to use the library. “There’s no use for the library at the moment, because the library closes at [5 p.m.] and [our classes] end at [5 p.m.]…We only have 12 minutes per break, and we have to move from classroom to classroom. We don’t have enough time to go to the library,” he added.

Likewise, Fionna Chuang, School of Graduate Studies student representative, said she cannot access the Main Library due to her classes ending at 8:30 p.m. “Hopefully, with the [extension of library hours], students will opt to study more in the library, kay I believe that most of the students will reason out that, ‘Oh, the library closes so early. We want to study in a place that closes late, because we don’t want to go to-and-fro places,’” Chuang said.

Chuang said that she initially wanted an extension for the whole year and not just during examination periods, but she had to consider the expenses and the librarians’ schedules.


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