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Lawyer’s fiction novel warns of possible China-initiated war

FIRE DRAGON: Atty. Jose Ramon Nakao presents his fiction novel “Fire Dragon” together with wife Emelen during the relaunching of the book last Jan. 15 at Justice Venancio Aldecoa Jr. Moot Court at Villareal Hall, College of Law. PHOTO BY Babe Jocelie Isaga

A FICTION NOVEL by a former Silliman University (SU) law professor warns readers about a possible Chinese-initiated war against the United States (US) that may affect the security of the Philippines.

Fire Dragon is authored by Atty. Jose Ramon Nakao. Set in 1990s, the novel talks about how China plots and nearly succeeds in shifting the balance of power in Asia by collapsing the US Economy.

During the relaunching of the book last Jan. 15 at the College of Law, Nakao said in his speech that due to China’s inability to fight the US upfront with military tactics and hardware, they would strike the US by going against weaker US allies like the Philippines, thus harming the latter’s security.

“The Chinese sought the strength of the US and they were smart enough to determine that they can never win a nuclear or a conventional war against the US… And they think they need an alternative way of fighting a war,” he said, describing his novel.

This alternative way, as described by Nakao in the book, includes China’s actions in forcing their ownership of Taiwan and the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea.

In the story, Fire Dragon is the title of the book Col. Quiao Lian and Wang Zhang Sui wrote. It studies how American generals think about war and features methods that can be employed to cripple the superpower.

Nakao, moreover, introduced in his speech the Chinese concept of “unrestricted warfare.” This includes methods like terrorism, network warfare, economic warfare and law warfare that can also covertly destabilize the US Economy.

In a review of Nakao’s book by Dr. Wolfgang B. Sperlich, author of the biographical book Noam Chomsky: Critical Lives, Sperlich describes Nakao’s work as “a fast-paced action with a geo-political doomsday scenario.”

“The world of covert action with its high-tech stealth is brought to life in Fire Dragon, not to speak of the characterization of those individuals who live on the edge… As such Fire Dragon is the classical spy novel–no doubt an action movie in the making,” the review read.

Sperlich gave the book a four-star rating.

It is being distributed internationally in online shopping sites like Xlibris, Amazon and Apple iBooks and in  bookstores like Barnes and Noble. The book can be ordered in Dumaguete by contacting 978-1-4990-9983-6 for paperback or 978-4990-9982-9 for e-book.


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