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UEM Gen. Secretary talks on religion and development.

by Keren Anne V. Bernadas

THE REV. DR. Fidon R. Mwombeki, general secretary of United Evangelical Mission- Communion of Churches in three Continents (Africa, Asia and Europe) lectured on achieving development through religion at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium last August 5.
The lecture revolved around the theme, “Religion: A Missing link in the Development Theory.”
“Nothing captures minds and informs the formation of development as religion,” Dr. Mwombeki said.
According to the Rev. Dr. Mwombeki, religion can be “destructive”. He stated that it might not be the exact answer to problems of the world but it can be “a very good guide to address it.” On the other hand, he also stressed that religion is “constructive” the way it shapes all goals in life where development so much lies in.
Individuals, according to the lecturer, are also a major part of success in development. He said that through hard work and fair condition, “all ignited with religion” will make development achievable. He added that ethics and morality among leaders contribute to the foundation of development.
“Therefore, development, in whatever form, always starts with the individual’s values and attitudes. Ethical values, compassion and knowledge are only found religiously,” he said.
The Rev. Dr. Mwombeki is a visiting professor at the Divinity School and his lecture is part of Silliman University General Integrative Series.


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