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Honors Dorm construction, Woodward Theater renovation set for completion in 2018


THE CONSTRUCTION OF Del Carmen Honors Dormitory and renovation of Woodward Little Chamber are set to be completed next year. The new dorm is being constructed in the area where the Alaska Court used to be.

The Rolando V. del Carmen Honors Dormitory will accommodate “best honor students” who are “hindered to study in Silliman University because of (the cost of) lodging fees,” said Vice President for Development Jane Annette

“So while your tuition is free, the deterrent is the board and lodging. That’s the concept of the Honors Dorm–to provide a nice place for free for those students who are financially challenged and for them to obtain a Silliman education,” Belarmino explained.

The construction of the dormitory near Woodward Hall started this year and is expected to be finished early next year.

The guidelines as to who would qualify to reside in the dorms are still being finalized.

The honors dorm is sponsored by Dr. Rolando del Carmen, a US-based Silliman alumnus, who was conferred by Silliman University the Doctor of Laws degree, honoris causa, in August 2016.

Meanwhile, the Woodward Little Chamber Theater, managed by College of Performing and Visual Arts for student performances, is being renovated, also with assistance from Dr. del Carmen.

Engr. Edgar Ygnalaga, Buildings and Grounds superintendent, said Woodward Theater will be expanded and portable platforms or transferable stages will be built. A parking area is also being developed.

Due to the construction and renovation, Alaska Court was transferred to the Cimafranca Ballfield.


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