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Hermanas Sorority booth houses free clinic for dogs

Hermanas Sorority supports Combined Animal Rescue Endeavor (CARE) Animal Shelter by housing a free clinic for dogs in their booth for this year’s Hibalag Festival.

CARE was founded last March by Engr. Christian Faith Lozada Crieta, in support to Dumaguete Animal Welfare Group (DAWG). CARE Animal shelter takes care of all the captured dogs within the vicinity of Silliman University.

CARE aims to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a home to stray, abandoned, maltreated and injured animals, mainly dogs.

Crieta mentioned that CARE does the support, if DAWG cannot respond immediately on the reports regarding the rescue of stray dogs.

Crieta also mentioned how she came across with Grhemy Buenavista, Hermanas Sorority Treasurer. According to Crieta, Buenavista reported a stray dog with mange (now named Robina) found in Robinson’s Place.

“Robina is now in the shelter, through Ghremy that’s why we are working now together,” Crieta said.

According to Buenavista, it’s unusual for them to focus on dogs since Hermanas Sorority supports human empowerment and environmental preservation. But they came up with gimmicks like the dog show and puppy kissing booth since most of their members are dog lovers.

“It’s time to help the dogs na pud kay usually fraternities are only supporting those people who are less unfortunate.” Buenavista said.

According to Crieta, they are also  aiming to help gain points for  the Hermanas Sorority, the  pioneering organization that supported them.

“So with that we can help animals as well as students,” Crieta said.

In addition Hermanas Sorority, CARE Animal Shelter, in partnership with Gentle Paws held a dog fashion show entitled “Show off your dog” last Aug. 23, 8 pm – 9 pm at the Hibalag Festival.

The event promotes the adoption of dogs at the Hermanas Sorority Booth by showcasing “Caramel” a dog open for adoption.

More than 15 dog owners participated in the event.

Aside from their participation in the Hibalag, CARE is asking for Sillimanians’ support in their activities.

CARE is need of animal lover volunteers, dog food donations, vaccine and other dog medications, cage donations, shelter material donations (Interlink wire / Bamboo splits / Lumber / Nails), and any in-kind donation for the rescued animals.



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