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Sillimanian launches book on God’s commandments

AS PART OF the Silliman University (SU) church centennial and Alpha Rho Sigma 50th anniversary, Gabriel B. Atega, an SU alumnus, launched his book “God’s Commandments” and gave a lecture  on “ At Creation. On Liberation. In Salvation” as part of the Balik-Talent lectures at the American Studies Resource Center at the SU Library last Aug. 24.

The launch was attended by Alpha Sigma Rho members and alumni.

Ana Marie Estrabello, former Ms. Silliman, shared her thoughts on climate change, “We have so much heart for other people that we must care for the environment we live in.”

Estrabello also shared about her experiences in praising the Lord in Saudi Arabia where they are not allowed to worship publicly, saying that it is the grace of God that keeps them going.

Rev. Noriel Capulong led the blessing and unveiling of the books together with the Rhoan alumni who were present.

Atega in his book “God’s Commandments,” talked about global warming and climate change in a different light.

“We shouldn’t be fighting off carbon dioxide; it is water causing the climate change we are experiencing right now,” Atega said.

Contrary to the popular belief that it is the “greenhouse effect” as the main cause, Atega emphasized in his book that water is causing climate change.

According to Atega, the rising temperature is just an effect of the humidity of the atmosphere caused by water, not carbon dioxide.

“We have to subdue the natural forces of the earth. If we fail, everything will die,” Atega said.

This subduing of the earth consists of reforestations because the reason why water can’t be kept on the ground is that we are cutting out trees storing up to 80 per cent water.

Atega also mentioned that the melting of the ice caps is a natural thing which is called thermal maximum.

“The ice is naturally slowly melting, but humans are fast-tracking its depletion,” Atega said.

Atega had prepared a presentation for the three aspects of his book but was only able to discuss creation because of time constraints.

The proceeds of the book sales will be equally shared by the Alpha Rho Sigma and SU Church.


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