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SU Church commemorates Presbyterian missionaries

“PERHAPS WE STILL are missionaries, we all are missionaries, and perhaps, as far as I’m concerned, that’s the most important message, and that’s the most important medicine, the most meaningful treatment that you’d hear,” Prof. Leonor M. Briones said during the midweek service   in memory of the Presbyterian missionaries last Aug. 24 at SU Church.

SU Church invited Secretary of Education Briones as one of the speakers of its midweek service for its centennial celebration.

Briones talked about the life and service of the Presbyterian missionaries who came in the Philippines and if the “famous missionary spirit” is still alive.

According to Briones, she has always thought missionaries were forever but now she is asking herself where all the missionaries are.

Briones added that maybe we just have to search for a new meaning of what it means to be missionary. According to her, the real challenge is that wherever people are, they just have to stay faithful to what the missionaries have taught them here in the university which is Via Veritas Vita.

Briones is the current Secretary of Education. She is also an Outstanding Sillimanian in public administration, former National Treasurer of the Republic of the Philippines, and former chair of the SU board of trustees.

The “three-fold mission” of the church was also remembered and celebrated. That is the “three rocks” symbolizing the elements of the Presbyterian Mission Works.

The “Rock of Instruction”, symbolizing the Lord Jesus Christ’s ministry of teaching, was introduced by Pastor January Alpuerto. According to Alpuerto, this rock will remind everyone of God’s inspired, inspiring and self-sacrificing teachers of the Christian faith.

The “Rock of Proclamation”, representing the Lord Jesus Christ’s ministry of Preaching, was introduced by Rev. Mark B. Augusto.

“With that rock we will remember the Presbyterian Mission partners who scattered the seeds of faith in this region and fervidly preached the Word with the wisdom of God,” Augusto stated.

The “Rock of Healing”, symbolizing the Lord Jesus Christ’s ministry to the sick, was introduced by Rev. Leny I. Jovita. According to Jovita, this rock will remind everyone to share the warmth of God’s embrace, engage in the healing of the pains of God’s people and the healing of the wounds of God’s creation towards shalom.


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