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Frat-Sor alliance holds leadership enhancement training program

THE FRATERNITY-SORORITY Alliance in collaboration with the Silliman University- World Bank Knowledge for Development Center  which is celebrating its 13th anniversary, held a leadership enhancement training program last Aug. 5-6.

According to Carr Ramirez Lobaton, Rizal Youth Club president, they organized the leadership enhancement training program “because of one and only one reason: service.”

Lobaton added that service is their sacrifice and reward at the same time, and that it embodies the true essence of being a fratman/sorwoman.

The program also intended to enrich new brand of leaders who could cope with rapidly evolving times and make critical decisions.

The training program  was held for two days. The first day consisted of a series of talks at the Audio Visual Theater-1 and team building activities were done at the East Quadrangle on the second day.

The first day were talks by Dr. Jenny L. Chiu, Dean of School of Public Affairs and Governance, on Good Governance; Dr. Henry A. Sojor, former president of Negros Oriental State University (NORSU), on the Ethics of Leadership; Mr. Louie Limkin, a macroeconomist and finance analyst from the World Bank, on Finance Management. The talk was done through a live stream  video conference from Manila.

Silliman University (SU) President, Dr. Ben S. Malayang III, gave the opening remarks anchored on how attitude and competence makes a great leader.

The team building on the second day of the program was organized by Saceda Youth Lead spearheaded by their chair and founder, Mr. Dave Saceda. The participants then were divided into teams.

The activities done were connected to the topics on the first day. Lobaton said, “Basically, first day is theory and second day is application.”

Ms. Liane Aventurado, Saceda Youth Lead program officer said that the activities could help improve productivity and motivation.

“Some benefits of these activities include the improvement of one’s morale, leadership skills, processes, procedures, and organization productivity. It also helps participants to identify the team’s strengths and weaknesses and improve their ability to solve problem,” Aventurado added.

It was a city-wide event attended by students from Foundation University, Colegio Santa Catalina de Alejandria (COSCA), NORSU, STI Dumaguete, SU, and some librarians. There were a total of 100 registrants at the event.


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