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CBA enacts new dress code policy

The College Of Business Administration (CBA) implemented its updated dress code policy for faculty and students last August 2.

On the first Tuesday of the month, all male students are now required to wear long-sleeved polo with necktie, slacks, and leather shoes.  Whereas, female students are required to wear formal blouse with blazer, slacks or skirt (must be two inches above the knee), and close heels or wedge (must be at least 2 inches).

On the second, third, and fourth Tuesdays of the month, students are expected to dress in semi-formal attire, with the same requirements as on every first Tuesday, though wearing short-sleeved polo without necktie is allowed for men, and blazers are not anymore required for women.

On Wednesdays, all students are required to wear the CBA shirt.

On Thursdays, all students are expected to wear the shirt for their respective academic organizations.

On Fridays, male and female students are required to dress in smart casual attire.

Validated IDs with the university sling must be worn at all times within the CBA premises.

Wearing shorts and slippers is not allowed. Male students are prohibited from wearing earrings and other body piercings.

Dr. Gloria Futalan, dean of CBA, said, “For a long time, we’ve been observing [some of our students dressed improperly.] The faculty believes that the [college is] the best training ground for them to become professionals. It has a role do play in shaping them up. Because this is a business school, we wanted them to have a feel of how it is to dress up properly.”

The dress code was contemplated [upon] some two years back, but we were waiting for [guidelines] from the Office of the Student Services. Since there wasn’t any, we thought that it was … the best time for us to implement the same. We had a long discussion about this during our planning last April and we came to a decision to implement it starting this semester.”

Futalan said that for the faculty, the benefits that would be derived from the new dress code is that they would see the students dressed properly and with enhanced self-esteem. As for the students, Futalan said that they will begin to feel that CBA is really the training ground for them as would-be professionals.

Futalan said that instead of imposing penalties for students who fail to comply, she wants to utilize “positive reinforcement” of the policy in which teachers will give merit points to students who observe the dress code.

The guidelines were officially approved during a faculty meeting last July 25.


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