Tuesday, May 28, 2024

SUSG #Tudlo calls for more tutors

Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) postpones the implementation of #Tudlo due to lack of tutors from July 26 to Aug. 3.

#Tudlo is a tutorial service offered to students to help them in their needs in the academic aspect.

Gil Buenavista, SUSG president said, “Supposedly #Tudlo should have been implemented last week but there were no tutors lining up, and although there were already tutors lining up, we’re still very few.”

According to Buenavista, they just had the exams for the tutors last Saturday but the turnout was quite low.

“Hopefully, we [will] start the implementation by Wednesday, but actually it depends on the tutors, if we have the capacity to provide tutorial services already then that’s considered the start,” he added.

Regarding the venue of the tutorial sessions, Buenavista mentioned that they originally wanted it to be done at the graduate school, but the graduate school secretary told them that they are not available after 5 pm or 6 pm due to lack of janitors to take care of the building since tutorial services would ideally be done from 5-8 pm.

“We, me with the scholarship committee [the scholarship commitee and I], are still trying to find a certain place, we’re trying to reserve the students lounge but as of the moment it’s fully booked with a lot of meetings of other events,” Buenavista said.

Despite the events keeping the SUSG from the implementation of #Tudlo, Buenavista stressed its relevance and significance to the students.

“I think this is really significant for the students for the reason that SG still exists with the main service of which to provide services for the students that would enrich their student life here in Silliman. One of the ways that the SG can do that is by helping them academically because, after all, that’s why the students are here in the first place to learn and so this is basically just the SG’s part on helping the students succeed academically,” Buenavista said.


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