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Frat-Sor Alliance raises funds for SU Scholars

The Fraternity-Sorority Alliance with the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) held a seminar to raise funds for the scholars under the scholarship committee last July 23 at the Silliman University (SU) Library – Knowledge for Development Center.

The seminar, which gathered a total of Php1,550 was supported by Tau Gamma Phi, Aces and Lillies Fraternity Sorority International, Rizal Youth Club (Alpha Chapter), Omicronian Society, and Beta Epsilon.

Carr Ramirez Lobaton, Rizal Youth Club president said, “Originally this [event] was created as a fundraiser for our program but we decided to help the scholarship committee because we believe that it is still the scholars that embodies the [qualities of a] true and ideal student.”

The speakers for the seminar were Niña Sung, Committee on School Organizations chairperson; Genin Amiscaray, SUSG Advocacy Committee vice chairperson; and Dennis Caballero, Negros Oriental League of Student Governments adviser.

Sung talked about leadership under pressure. She said that leaders might be born but they could also be made. Leaders are those who grab opportunities and pay it forward to others.

Sung said, “Leadership is not something you do for yourself. In being a leader, you have to be a person for others because what drives you as a leader is not what you can accomplish for yourself but for others. That’s where the fulfilment comes in.”

Amiscaray spoke about resource management. She mentioned that to be a truly efficient leader, you must be able to utilize all your resources to meet the goal of your organization.

“The idea of resource management is madiskarte lang ka kung what you have [organization resources]. It’s not all about having the resources but it’s about what you do para ma multiply ang resources and what you do so that you’ll be able to do more efficiently with what you have.” Amiscaray said.

Caballero talked about the journey of a servant leader. He shared his own life story of being a leader in numerous organizations with personal photos and videos.

Caballero said, “Being in SU means that anything that happens here in Negros Oriental or in our area will really start from us. As student leaders as you are, you are the biggest influence. If you do not live at all, nothing will happen.”

“There is no giving too much in volunteerism. Kung naiiyak na tayo sa mga ginagawa natin, kase ang dami nga nating dapat gawin pa sa organization and studies but yung volunteerism mag bubunga rin yun.” Caballero added.


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