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Admin: Lifts and stunts not allowed

The annual intercollege cheerdance competition makes changes in its mechanics for this year as it prohibits lifts and stunts for the safety of the students.

According to Anna Humbe, Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) cheering committee chairperson, they were told by the administration that stunts and lifts would be disallowed because of the risk it involved even if students signed a waiver for the competition.

Four colleges namely, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Computer Studies, College of Engineering, and College of Business Administration (CBA) have already confirmed their participation before the guideline change.

Carlos Ng II, CBA cheer dance team head said he is not for the change even if the decision is for the safety of the students.

“Our cheerdancers had been practicing for the past three weeks already and then out of the blue there is no cheer dance (since there are no lifts) that would happen,” Ng said.

The colleges who are practicing focused on stunts and would have to completely change their routines if the change would be implemented. Humbe said that they are making efforts to appeal to the administration regarding the changes.

Humbe said, “Some dancers are already planning to back out, but we are doing everything to encourage them to continue. That is why, the committee together with the SUSG president and governors are doing our best effort to appeal to the Admin for them to repeal their decision.”

“If they are really concerned about the risks of the students, they should have made this change earlier, before these participating colleges and organizing committee have invested their time, effort and money,” Humbe added.

In the meantime, the SUSG, cheering committee, college governors, and coaches are meeting with the administration regarding the finality of the new guideline.


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