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Quijano: Just live the life of integrity

CHIEF OF CORRUPTION Prevention and Education Group of the Office of Ombudsman Visayas, Dr. Belle M. Quijano urged the youth to be role models of integrity in the fight against corruption during the Campus Integrity Crusaders (CIC) Orientation last July 18 at Silliman Hall.

Quijano said, “I still believe that you [the youths] is the hope of our country. [You will] change whatever mistakes the old people have committed in the past. Our country depends on you.”

She added that the Office of the Ombudsman does not require the youth to “die.”

Ayaw lang intawon ug kamatay for our country, (don’t die for our country), just be a role model, just do good. Just live the life of integrity.”

Quijano said that the government gives rights and privileges to the youth. In return, the youth must repay the government by doing its duties, obligations and responsibilities.

“Show the good in you; be a good example; obey the rules in this school; be a good student; Be good in your community. Be active in your community. Be a role model,” she claimed.

Ipakita ninyo na even when nobody is watching, you are doing what is right, for example in your school,” said Quijano, who is also a teacher by profession.

Moreover, she believes that the good things the youth will do will create a ripple effect.

“The goodness within you will ripple to your seatmates and to your friends. The things that you do good, maapektuhan ang imong family, imong mga igsoon and even your parents,” Quijano said.

She challenged the youth to let the people in their family, school, church and community realize their duties, obligations and responsibilities by being a role model of integrity.

On the other hand, Kimberly Alanano, a junior chemistry student from Negros Oriental State University (NORSU), said, “After the orientation, I have become [knowledgeable of the things I,  as a student leader] can do for the country.

She challenged her fellow youth to become role models and that the change for goodness must start within them.

CIC Program

CIC refers to any non-partisan school-based youth organization recognized by a secondary or tertiary educational institution and duly accredited by the Office of the Ombudsman.

It is part of the corruption prevention and education function of the Office of the Ombudsman.

During the CIC orientation program in Dumaguete, various school organizations from Silliman University and NORSU were accredited to be official CIC organizations.


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