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CCP conducts Light and Sound workshop

The Cultural Center Of The Philippines (CCP) conducted a Light and Sound Workshop last July 8-10 at  the Claire Isabel McGill-Luce Auditorium.

Joseph Matheu, associate artistic editor and founder of Twin Bill Theater in Quezon City and Arnelio Manzano, technical coordinator of the Cultural Exchange Department of CCP were the lecturers during the said workshop.

Matheu handled the Light workshop and targeted the designing process and lighting design.

“It’s everything about lighting design from the instruments, from the tools, all the way up to how to design and collaborate with the directors,” Matheu said.

On the other hand, the Sound workshop by Manzano focused on basic sound for production and proper use and set-up of the basic sound system.

“I’m teaching them how to mix the sound with vocals and for instruments and to compare it to other mixing equipments,” Manzano said.

According to Matheu, the Light workshop is necessary for the aspiring lighting designers, especially for technical theatre majors, to learn the proper way to light design a play for them to interpret the script with the director’s vision.

Manzano also mentioned the importance of understanding sound mixing and controlling the sounds in the theatre or in a choir.

College of Performing and Visual Arts  students, Silliman University Church personnel, and sound mixers participated in the event.


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