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CoE, CBA await accreditors’ approval

By Princess Abellon & Suzmita Villegas

REPRESENTATIVES FROM ASSOCIATION of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities- Accrediting Agency, Inc. (ACSCU- AAI) visited the College of Business Administration (CBA) and College of Education (CoE) for accreditation last February 4-8.

ACSCU-AAI, the offcial accrediting body that evaluates all Christian (non-Catholic) Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the Philippines sent eight accreditors from different schools to be in charge for the accreditation.

The accrediting team inspected three programs under CBA and CoE. Among these programs under CBA are the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Accountancy and Business Administration. While in the CoE are Doctor of Education (EdD), Master of Arts (MA) and Early Childhood.

When accreditors visited SU five years ago (2008), they recommended that these programs be at level three and remain on this status for five years without any visitation. Accreditors comes back after the end of the initial the five year (which is this year) to ensure that there are accomplishments and other improvements done under such recommendations.

Dr. Pablito Dela Rama, head of Department of Instructions, said, “We are always facing a challenge; how to keep, how to maintain or even how to surpass the previous level.”

“If they could see that the program is good in different areas, then they (accreditors) will recommend that the level of our status would be high.

This is the reason why CBA and CoE have done various preparations to maintain their status to meet the standards of the accrediting board. Dr. Dela Rama added that there are people assigned to physical plan as part of the preparation –– reconstructing grounds, painting buildings and landscaping gardens. Aside from this, teacher’s evaluation that students take annually contributes in showing the quality of the education provided by the teacher.

Results will be announced within a few months.


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