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SU alumna and writer speaks on elements of writing


By Paulynne Joyce R. dela Cruz               


SILLIMANIAN FICTION WRITER Lakambini Sitoy shared five elements to remember in writing stories during her lecture on the process of fiction writing last Jan. 25 at Silliman University Library.

Sitoy identified the first element as a knife, which reminds writers to learn to cut out unnecessary parts of the story and leave only what suits their purposes.

“The knife also reminds us or serves as a reminder that writers, even creative writers, must be incisive and analytic,” Sitoy said.

The second element is bread, which represents the fact that writers should not skip meals while writing stories.

“I never viewed my writing as something sacred to be protected and revered,” added Sitoy.

Sitoy said that third element is a first aid kit, which reminds writers that even if it takes time to write stories of pain and sadness, a writer should take notes to be able to write the story.

The clock is the fourth element, which is a reminder that deadline pressure is a good thing because it helps in managing the story.

The last element is incense, which represents spirituality and a reminder to writers to “travel like the spirals of blue smoke.”

“[Travel helps] to see as much as the world as you can, to immerse yourself in as many different ways as you can. It will enrich your writing and don’t be afraid to tell stories, even take on the voices of people who are very much different from you,” Sitoy said.

The lecture is a part of the Edilberto Tiempo Creative Writing Center Lecture Series. A book signing for Sitoy’s first novel, Sweet Haven, was also held on the same day at the University House.

Sitoy was a biology major in Silliman University. She won various awards for her literary pieces, such as Sweet Haven and Mens Rea and Other Stories, among others.~





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