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Inspirational speaker speaks on success


By Paulynne Joyce R. dela Cruz               


FRANCIS KONG, a well-known international inspirational speaker, spoke to students on the  “Right Choices for Success” last Jan. 16 at Luce Auditorium.

Kong said that there is “no time to waste” in coming up with right choices and thinking critically because time is “valuable and irredeemable.”

“People of today are the products of the choices they make from every day. The decisions you make today will form, and shape, and mold the kind of person you will be tomorrow,” Kong said.

Kong shared three principles to be successful in life: to be a lifelong learner, to learn that attitude is more important than skills, and to be in control. He also said that “attitude is everything.”

Kong is an inspirational speaker, businessman, broadcaster, columnist, and author. He received awards such as Anvil Award for Excellence, Gold Quill Award for Best Public Speech category, Dr. Jose Rizal Award for Excellence, among others.

Aside from being an inspirational speaker, he mentors parents on how they should raise their children because he said that wrong values lead to wrong decisions and wrong decisions will lead to setbacks.

Kong added that the people who did wrong things in the past still have the chance to  repent as God is the God of second chances. He also challenged the audience to read the Bible and get to know Jesus Christ more.

For Edna Jane Adelee Magboo, a sophomore medicine student, said that as a human, she stumbles like anybody else but manages to get back on track because of Jesus.

“Listening to Francis Kong earlier made me even more determined to push through with what I have started,” Magboo said.~



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