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Not a New Story


This is not the first school year when the Weekly Sillimanian

(tWS) published articles regarding tardiness of teachers when it

comes to submitting grades and coming to class.


Last Jan. 2014, tWS published an editorial titled “Meet Halfway.”Even

if the staff back then knew that late passing of grades and arrival in

class have been norms through many semesters, they hoped to “no

longer hear of students running after their grades and teachers running

away from their responsibility.”


According to Fred Cadelina, the chair of the sociology and

anthropology department, teachers are ‘supposed’ to be aware of the

rules and penalties existing in the university manual. Also, knowing

that this manual has been subjected to a lot of hearings and changes,

he “is not interested to know [about the provisions] anymore.” Instead,

he chose to perform his duties as a teacher efficiently.


Sadly, up to the present, students and teachers are still not meeting halfway. Despite sanctions provided by the Unified University Manual for these infractions, teachers still continue to submit grades and meet

the class late.


Nonetheless, it is important for teachers (and students, too) to be

aware of these provisions. The manual guides everyone as to how people

in the university must function and behave to have an ideal university



It is also necessary that teachers should have a clear process on how

to deal with student feedback. We suggest matters to be addressed

directly to the teacher in question and, if ever it is deemed necessary,

the problem be sent directly to the administration.


tWS also believes that students are first witnesses of injustices inside

and outside the classroom. They are responsible for bringing cases of

injustices to authorities instead of continually subjecting themselves to

these. The administration has a point: students must be bold enough to

voice out their concerns so that the administration can do something

about it.


However, the administration cannot blame students for being silent

about these matters; students may be subjected to getting undeserved

low grades as a sign of intimidation from an ‘affected’ teacher. ~


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