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CBA champs SU Ultimate Frisbee


By: Rhobie Ruaya


With a final score of 11-7, the College of Business Administration (CBA) won this year’s Ultimate Frisbee Championship game for the University Intramurals against the College of Engineering and Design (CED) at the Perdices Coliseum last Dec. 3.


Rex Villanueva from CBA gave his best in the all out game with one defense, two assists and three scores, along with teammate Roderick Duran with three defense and three assists.


This year’s MVPs are both from the College of Education-School of Basic Education (COESBE), Nicole Piǹero for female and Alex Canonizado for male.


The Mythical 7 or those who garnered most defense, assists, and scores are: Lucille Ratera from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Catherine Ranque from the College of Computer Studies (CCS), Sharra Barrera from CAS, Harvey Jay Carope from CCS, Louise Ordoǹa from the Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Jeano Diputado from CBA, and Jules Real from CBA.


The event was joined by ten respective colleges namely: College of Agriculture, CAS, CBA, COESBE, CED, CCS, College of Performing and Visual Arts, ICLS, Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences, and the Medical School.

Not CHED approved

Wilson Cadalso Jr., chairperson of the Silliman University Student Goverrnment (SUSG) Sports and Recreation Committee, said that despite all changes, he felt the support of the university to the sport even if it is not an official sport considered by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Cadalso also said that besides the committee co-members, the colleges who participated in Frisbee tournament, SUSG Marketing and Finance, and the University Athletics Department are the people behind the success of the tournament.

Moreover, the Negros Oriental Ultimate Players Association (NOUPA) organized the tournament.

Cadalso said that the game, although not approved by CHED, had been part of the intramural games for almost six years now. He added that SUSG Sports and Recreation Committee have been proposing to include other sports such as Futsal, Flag Football, and other rising sports in the intramurals.

“[CHED is] just following orders from higher institutions. Eventually, the sports we love, no matter what it is, will have a chance to exist in the intramurals. SUSG Sports and Recreation Committee and the University Athletics Department is open to any suggestions, just approach us,” Cadalso said.

Jose Antonio Pasigna, Frisbee player from the CAS and team member of Bisay Wild Mongrels (Philippine Ultimate Frisbee Team), said that it is good to support Frisbee since the sport is already being bid to be included in the Olympics.

“Despite [the fact] that [Frisbee] is not approved by CHED, I’m happy that it’s still included in the intramural games, especially that the university is also supporting the game,” added Pasigna.

Harvey Jay Carope, team captain of CCS Frisbee players, said that the players understand why CHED has not yet approved Ultimate Frisbee, since it’s still a new sport in the Philippines.



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