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MassCom launches new TV programs

By Jelanie Rose T. Elvinia

A NEWS PROGRAM and a magazine show solely produced by Silliman University Mass Communication students are now being aired every Monday at 8 p.m. on Fil Products Channel 6.

Silliman Insider, a 20-minute news program and #SU, a 40-minute TVmagazine show are now aired during SU’s block time. Both cover local stories from Silliman, Dumaguete and Negros Oriental.

These two programs are the only TV programs in Visayas and Mindanao produced by an allstudent team. Twenty five Mass Com students who are taking up Communication 36-TV Production class are running the two shows.

“It’s not the typical class where you just learn from the four corners of the room. Ninety per cent of the learning is learned through experience [actual production],” John DX Lapid, teacher of the class said.

Lapid said that the production is done by the students like how it is in professional work. Students interview different people, shoot videos, edit videos and do live shows inside the studio.

“Hopefully, the government agencies would be more open to student journalists for information. I wish that the Freedom of Information Bill would become a law so the government agencies would be mandated to release information to student journalists,” he said.

Lapid also hopes that complete equipment will be provided for the shows’ production, including a TV studio and a laboratory where students can work overtime.

“For students to be able to do this for the university I think is very laudable,” Dr. Maria Cecilia Genove, Dean of the College of Mass Communication, said.

Genove added that the Marketing and HR Manager of Fil Products, Girlie Bernardez, commented that #SU is one of a kind due to its fresh concept. She said that the program captures some of the things that people wanted to know about Dumaguete but were not given much attention yet.

#SU had its pilot episode last Jan. 2 while Silliman Insider had its pilot episode last Jan. 28.


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