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SUSG approves intrams budget


VOTING 17-0, the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) student assembly approves the Php38, 475 budget for this year’s intramurals on its first reading.

With seven abstain votes, the budget was approved. However, Rep. Joy Lacuna said that the SUSG Sports and Recreation Committee shall provide a breakdown on the Php 20,000 budget given to Negros Oriental Ultimate Players Association (NOUPA), the organizing team of the Ultimate Frisbee Intramural Tournament.

Wilson Cadalso, the head of SUSG Sports and Recreation Committee, said that the budget to be given by the SUSG is only an addition to the total budget for the whole intramurals.

He said that out of the12 sports during the intramurals, 11 sports will be shouldered by the Physical Education and Athletic department while only Frisbee will be shouldered by the SUSG.

Moreover, Cadalso said that although the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) does not recognize Frisbee as an intramural sport and not played in athletics meet like CVRAA (Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association) meet, the SUSG wants to include the sport during the intramurals.

“It has been six or eight years na gidula ang Frisbee diri sa Silliman. Since dili man muhatag ang athletics division og budget, sige, kaming SG ang muhatag og budget para ma-dula ni sa intramurals,” Cadalso said.

Frisbee budget concerns

The Php 20,000 budget will include six standard discs which cost Php 700 each, field paints, apog (powder), straws, and score sheets.

Cadalso said: “The total breakdown NOUPA gave has reached to Php 24,000.So ana ko nga ang amo rang ma provide is Php 20,000  ra gyud.” (So I told them that the SUSG can only provide Php 20,000.)

NOUPA also included Php1500 payment for services of the two tournament managers and Php 8,400 payment for jersey jerseys and services of the eight marshals.

Lunch budget for both the marshals and organizers for the three-day event was also included, as well as the budget for five special awards for the Frisbee tournament amounting to Php 3,300 and Php1,300 respectively.

For Frisbee tournament alone, the total budget amounts toPhp20, Php 920.

On the other hand, NOUPA President Jaz Favor said: “Just to clarify, we didn’t ask any amount from the school. It was SUSG who told us that the budget for Frisbee is [Php 20,000] and we will make use of it and make sure we won’t exceed the amount.”

Other variables

The Php 38,000 budget includes 26 MVP plaques which cost Php 350 each with a total of Php 8,400.

“Our dance sport has two categories: Latin and Standard, so we are giving 2 MVP awards per category for both men and women categories,” Cadalso said.

The medals for special awards and cellular load and lunch for volunteer sports coordinators for 5 days costs Php 1,500, Php 1300, and Php 7, 150, respectively.


Cadalso said that Enrique Barot, one of the marketing chairpersons, is still working on the sponsorship permits. He also assured that that canopies from Globe are provided during the intramurals.

“I’m still uncertain, but I heard that Globe will give Php 15, 000 cash,” Cadalso said.

He added that they are expecting to seal the deal with Globe within this week as soon as the permits are settled.

The Office of the Student Services will sponsor the medical supply for the SUSG’s medical team during the intramurals.~



By Ray Chen S. Bahinting




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