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Social work major proposes tutorial session for abused children


CHILDREN WHO EXPERIENCED various kinds of abuse need an education that protects and builds them, said Jane Lou Cadayona, a senior social work major who proposed a tutorial project to Silliman University Student Government (SUSG).

The lack of personnel and hands-on teaching are the reasons that pushed her to propose this project to SUSG. She proposed to conduct a tutorial project in a crisis center in Dumaguete City in order to help children recover from various forms of abuse.

Cadayona said in the crisis center, there are about 15 children ages 6-18 who were abuse inside their homes. The name of the center was requested to remain unmentioned to protect the children.

“These children come from big and dysfunctional families, so they really need help when it comes to their schooling, especially that they live in rural communities, where schools are far,” Cadayona said.

With the existing SUSG project dubbed as #tudlopamore, Cadayona hoped to start a community tutorial in one of Dumaguete’s crisis center every Sunday afternoon.

Tutorials will build and protect the children as the project aims to improve learning. Tutor volunteers are not allowed to touch the children or ask their experiences. Also, tutor volunteers will be composed of education and social work majors who are trained to deal with these children.

Aside from tutorial services, children are also receiving counseling, feeding programs, values formation programs, among others.

“As much as possible, we will have 15 volunteers to teach 15 students so there will be a hands-on learning,” Cadayona said.

Blynda Gutang, head of the SUSG Scholarship Committee, said that once the proposal is passed, they will have to ask the SUSG scholars to lead the tutorial session.

Gutang added that more than literacy and understanding of the subjects, the tutorial hopes to help children be open.

“[We want to] inculcate attitude and values. Let them open up slowly, so they can find a sense of belongingness. It’s good to have someone to give them emotional and spiritual guide to uplift them,” she said.~

By Leslie J. Batallones and Nurlyn J. Elli




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