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Athletics dept urges colleges to cut Intrams’ costs


ATHLETICS DEPARTMENT HEAD Asst. Prof. Dionesio Piñero II urged colleges that face budget problems to reduce their expenses for this year’s intramurals.

On a meeting, student governors raised their problems on budgeting respective college money for the intramurals from Dec. 1-5.

“We ask the [governors] to lower their expenses. I advise them to make sure that they’re spending their budget wisely,” Piñero said.

To lower the costs, Piñero said that activities should be ‘student-centered.’ This means that students themselves are urged to train the players to experience the value of sportsmanship and fellowship.

“This [intramurals] is not a qualifying event. Due to spending too much, some students are not enjoying it.”

Meanwhile, Piñero confirmed that there will be a dance sports competition this intramurals, despite the late submission of some entries. However, he urged the colleges to budget the intramurals money, which a big part goes to the dance sports competition.

Piñero also stressed that coaches and players should not see intramurals as “too much competition” because excessive practices and training can put too much pressure and result in injury and accidents during practices.

On intramural policies, Piñero addressed the complaints of other colleges on School of Basic Education contenders.

Under the intramural guidelines, a ‘varsity’ member is not allowed to play the sport he or she is part of.

According to Piñero, a varsity is a college student, thus high school students playing for intramurals are not violating any policy. To address the concern of the other colleges, however, the department set limits on the number of players coming from the SBE.

In addition, coaches that are not from Silliman cannot coach anymore during actual games. Any team that fails to follow such rule will be disqualified.

The Athletics department will review the Intramurals handbook next year to strengthen policies.

The intramurals, which opens on Nov. 30, will be hosted by the College of Education. The final night will be awarding of major awards. There will be a religious fellowship before the awarding, and the intramurals will close with unity dance for all players.~

By Leslie J. Batallones


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