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‘Rubber’ beef and ‘fly’ soup (Part 2)

By Elana Joy Bartlett

LAST SEMESTER, a female  dormer was hospitalized due to what  she claimed was “bad dorm food”.  Today, some dormers claim that they  get upset stomachs because of the  same reason.

“How can they be so sure that the  dorm food was really what made  them sick? Some claimed that that  was the case, yet we later found out  that they had also eaten somewhere  else,” Jasmine Jean Espino, Silliman  University Cafeteria Manager said.

No Food poisoning 

“If the food was really that bad, if  there was really “food poisoning”,  then it would affect a lot of people,  not just one or two,” Espino added.  She explained that if that were the  case, the university would shoulder  any liability, because the school is  responsible for its students, especially  minors.

“Once, when a report came of  a cockroach’s part being served  with the dilis, we stopped serving  dilis to our dormers to avoid the  reoccurrence,” she said.

Response from Dorm Presidents 

Pedro Mabanan, Woodward Hall  President, gave a written statement:  “There are times that they [dormers]  prefer to eat outside. [This is] probably  because they don’t like the food that  is being served [in the dorm]. Should  they [SU Cafeteria] wait until such  time that no dormers will decide to  eat the food from our cafeteria?”

SU cafeteria does have a supervisor.  But according to Espino, this  supervisor is not always present. “It’s  really up to the cooks to check the  food,” Espino added.

The cooks have been oriented  time and time again, and if their  performances do not improve, they  are reassigned. This is done to make  sure that the dormers get “good  food”. Espino said: “While we admit  that we have lapses and that there  are some dishes that the residents  don’t relish, we must also recognize  the fact that each person has his/her  own likes and dislikes in food, and  we cannot possibly satisfy everyone’s  taste.”

Justin Val Virtuzado, Vernon Hall  President, said: “Well, sometimes  the food has blood, and sometimes  the meat is too tough… There was  a time my dorm mates warned me  to not drink the soup because a  dead cockroach had been in it…  but the food’s not really that bad.  [Hopefully] there would be more  variety, and the food would be wellcooked…  I do understand it’s hard to  cook the food well because there are  so many dormers… There are times  when the dorm food does taste good.  I just hope it would be like that all  the time.”

Only used as reason 

“Dormers leave SU dormitories  because they say the food is terrible;  when maybe in reality all they really  want is freedom from the curfew  rule,” Espino said.

She added: “If the students claim  that the dorm food makes them  sick, then they should prove it. [They  should] preserve that particular piece  of food, or at least tell their dorm  managers right away. The dorm  managers will then inform us. Then  we can take the necessary steps to try  to make sure the same thing will not  happen in the  future.”


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