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COAUSE, NonSURElant reveal platforms

By Tortang Tahum ng Bacolod | April 5, 2024

During door-to-door campaigns, both the Coalition of OverActing Student Executives (COAUSE) Party and Nonantagonistic Students Ultimately Ready Eme but Hypervigilant (NonSURElant) Party revealed their platforms for the following academic year. 

GenZ Rabayuh and Aya Mikhaela Labsyu, who are running for president and vice-president under the COAUSE party respectively, aligned their platforms to their party’s “5 C’s” principles, which include capable, charismatic, confident, critical, and colorful. 

“Our platforms embody capability, charisma, confidence, critical thinking, and color. With years of experience in student organizations, Aya and I bring a wealth of capability to navigate the complexities of governance. Our charisma extends beyond mere charm; it’s about connecting with each of you, understanding your hopes, dreams, and concerns, and fostering inclusivity. Confidence is our cornerstone, empowering us to lead with conviction, courage, and clarity. We also embrace critical thinking, valuing diverse perspectives to find innovative solutions to our challenges. Lastly, we celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of our campus community, advocating for inclusivity and cultural exchange. Together, let’s paint a canvas of possibility and leave a legacy of leadership that inspires generations to come. It is high time we make a difference by voting for a leader who embodies capability, charisma, confidence, critical thinking, and color,” Rabayuh said. 

In contrast, NonSURElant presidential and vice-presidential candidates Tempat Ray Dubaire and Zarelle Cunk disclosed that their platforms are centered around “vibes.”

“Go with the flow ra gud. Kung naay problema, edi himuan og solusyon,” Dubaire explained. 

The door-to-door campaign spanned from April 1 to 5. 

COAUSE’s platforms

COAUSE’s first platform, “Capable Kita!” is a series of seminars and forums that remind students that they are “capable of anything.” 

Ganahan ra jud mi i-remind every week sa tanan nga kaya jud nila ang anything. If ganahan sila maging astronaut? Go! If ganahan sila maging princess? Padayon!” Labsyu said.

According to Labsyu, the first leg of this platform will be held in the early childhood department. “This is so we can foster their capabilities as early as then,” she added.

Their second platform, “Walang Charot Sa Charisma!” is a semestral event that “encourages students to showcase their charisma.”

“I think the best way for our students to show their charisma is through dating. So among plano kay mag set-up ug university-wide speed dating event para mapagawas jud charisma nila,” Rabayuh said. 

Rabayuh also noted that their plan to hold a “university-wide speed dating” event will be facilitated by psychology students for their course, “PSYCH69: Romantic Psychology.” 

Moreover, their third platform, “Confident? Confident!” aims to “promote the confidence of the students” per semester. 

“Exciting kayni nga platform kay among plano para mapakita jud ang confidence sa students kay mag lip sync battle every week sa Luce Auditorium,” Labsyu said. 

Through this platform, Labsyu highlighted that this weekly battle will be the best way to “reveal the most confident students on campus.”

Their fourth platform, however, is more “radical and information-based.” Titled “Criticize the Critical,” Rabayuh said that this platform focuses on countering criticisms received by their administration. 

“Since critical dapat ta, kung kinsa’y mag criticize namo kay amo pud i-criticize. So don’t criticize us if you don’t want to be criticized back,” Rabayuh asserted.  

Lastly, their fifth platform, “Colorful Campus,” showcases the student body’s talents through a mural painting caravan. 

“Every week, ganahan mi nga naa’y bago i-pinta sa campus. Dili pwede Oriental Hall ra ang naa’y murals. Dapat hantod sa Audio Visual Theater ug Cimaframca field, naa’y murals,” Labsyu said. 

Labsyu also revealed that the first leg of the mural painting caravan will be themed “Barbie,” wherein the building targeted will be painted in “pink, patterns, and other slay designs.” 

NonSURElant’s platforms

NonSURElant’s main platform, “Baby, Kalma,” aims to remind the students to “just relax and vibe.”
Daghan man gud ta problems as students pero ayaw nato kalimtan nga: sometimes the right vibe is the right solution,” Dubaire explained. “Korek,” Cunk added.


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