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Land resort to rise at SU Farm

By Selena Stopmez | April 4, 2024

Following demands to increase local tourism, Samukan University (SU), through its Facebook page, revealed plans to build a land resort named “College’s Peak” on March 14. 

The resort will be “all-natural, fresh, clean, and environmentally friendly,” the statement read.

Located at SU Farm, the resort will include an infinity pool with slides, cottages, and treehouses in the middle of the farm. 

Dr. Who Says Belo, dean of SU’s College of Agritayodito (COA), said the resort would benefit all COA students, faculty, and staff. 

He said, “They want us to have more visitors coming. What better way to do that than to make a tourist attraction?” 

Dr. Belo also hoped that with the resort’s potential to attract crowds, the SU community would not forget that they still exist.

SU Farm Manager Raffy Nepobaby said the resort would increase the farm’s popularity and customer base. 

“If we have more people coming, we will also be able to sell more of our organic products, such as eggnogs, milk teas, and kangkong chips,” he said.

The construction will follow right after the groundbreaking ceremony on May 1 at the COA grounds. 

Students’ joy 

The SU Study Group Envirophysical Committee held a press conference in support of the land resort on March 24 at SU Cafeteria.

EnviroComm Co-Chairperson Sabi Le Desmacyte demanded that students would help in the construction. 

“The resort needs to be opened as soon as possible. Grab any tool you could find. It may be a spoon or a shovel. Let’s get physical,” she said.

The committee opened a volunteer recruitment through Goggles Form and gathered over 5,300 volunteers. 

“I’m speechless. This turnout of volunteers says a lot about how the land project is anticipated by the student body!” she exclaimed. 

The committee and its volunteers will work as construction workers for the land resort, as approved by the SU administration. 


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