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CED Protractors, CBA Jolly Bees rematch amid foul controversy

By Finest Eminem Rap God | April 2, 2024

After getting physical during the Samukan University Intramurals’ basketball championship game, the College of Emoji Dude (CED) Protractors and the College of Burger Ambassador (CBA) Jolly Bees will face off again in a shocking rematch.

According to University Aesports Director Dizzy Deo Nee Isyo, the Protractors raised the challenge after one of their star players was allegedly hit by a ball on the head without any foul, resulting in the ball replacing his head. 

It can be recalled during the mid-fourth quarter when Jolly Bees Team Captain Deniz Cornyliciuos dunked the ball off a spin. After completing the one-handed jam, he rebounded the ball and seemingly bounced it on the head of Protractors’ Tinny Ohaha.

Ohaha, after the game, burst out and said he thinks Cornyliciuos “intentionally did it” to kill the remaining time.

Huhu! Ang daya talaga,” he stressed. “Gusto ko na lang sumabog at magsabi ng mga masasamang mga words.”

However, Cornyliciuos retorted that Ohaha may “already be frustrated by that time” since both teams were getting “really” physical until the end of the match.

Parehas mn gud iyang ulo sa bola,” he defended. “Why would I do it intentionally? Mao ra na ron ang pangutana.” 

Meanwhile, Isyo said the incident is very unusual in a basketball match because “everyone’s eyes are on the court.”

“I even asked the game manager: ‘Naunsa man neh? Asa man atong mga game gurus at this time?’” he added.

Isyo found out that the game guru was on the courtside, cartwheeling and jamming to the beat of “AMASILLYMANIAN” by drag performer Maria Winters, which was played during halftime.

When asked, the guru defended himself by stating that he danced because he is an “avid fan” of Winters, bringing joy to the audience amid the heated game.  

To compensate for the alleged flagrant foul, Isyo issued an order for a rematch that will come in the form of a LigTask challenge where all players will compete against each other. 

“We must ensure now that there will be an unbiased and transparent match,” Isyo declared. “So we decided to hold this game diha jud tunga sa Hibbard Road so syarohay!” 

He further said they are also coordinating with the Samukan University Study Group (SUSG) Spurs Committee to prepare the guidelines and mechanics for the rematch. 

As officially announced on March 22, the team with the most wins will be declared as this season’s official Basketball Big Winner, while the losing team will be nominated for eviction from the Basketball Housemates Association.


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