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Int’l English program concludes, ‘buddy system’ set

By Genno Gabriel Rabaya | March 21, 2024

Silliman University’s (SU) Language Learning Center ended this year’s Intensive English Program (InTEP) on March 1 with 38 Japanese students attending.

A total of 18 students from Kyushu International University and 20 students from Kobe International University participated in the program.

Dr. Joan Generoso, Language Learning Center Coordinator, said that the workshop is important in enhancing classroom unity and language learning through cultural integration.

“The IntEP is a short-term program, yet by its conclusion, participants will have experienced immersion in numerous English language communicative scenarios both within and outside the classroom,” said Dr. Generoso.

This year’s program held the first face-to-face classes since the pandemic.

Dr. Generoso also mentioned that SU and Kyushu International University are discussing a potential student exchange program for the coming year.

On new systems established for the program, Dr. Generoso said that the “student buddy” system has been institutionalized. This system lets SU students accompany participants throughout the program.

The student buddies applied for the program by filling out a form. The participants were then paired with the buddies based on their answers to the form.

“When the buddies left, it felt like a piece of our hearts were taken out. This truly shows that [the] bond we had with the InTEP students was genuine, even in a short amount of time,” Jassen Valencia, one of the buddies, said.

InTEP is a three-week program for non-English speaking students who aspire to enhance their English language and intercultural relations proficiency.

In 2004, SU collaborated with Cheonbuk University, Soongsil University, and Hannam University to organize the first-ever InTEP program.


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