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EnviroCom allows sports drink bottles, makes CLAYGO tilt ‘extensive’

By Paul Ray Donaire | March 8, 2024

A revision to the Silliman University (SU) Intramurals environmental guidelines exempting sports drink bottles was implemented this year, according to the SU Student Government (SUSG) Environment Committee (EnviroCom).

The environmental guidelines stated that “There shall be no consumption of plastic bottled drinks (water, soft drinks, and the like). However, there is an exception given to sports drinks (Gatorade and Pocari Sweat).” 

It also stated that sports drinks should follow a maximum amount of 500 milliliters. However, schools or colleges that acquired said beverages exceeding the maximum amount before the guidelines’ release were exempted. 

“This is to facilitate the efficient regulation of the recycling process of the aforementioned bottles,” the guidelines read. 

Moreover, schools or colleges were required to surrender the used sports drink bottles to EnviroCom, adding that collecting said bottles would be regulated systematically.

EnviroCom Vice-Chair Alyssa Pangan said that they requested trash bins to be installed in areas where games or events are held. 

On this year’s CLAYGO competition

EnviroCom continued the Clean As You Go (CLAYGO) competition during the University Intramurals 2024 held from Feb. 25 to March 2. 

Pangan mentioned that the competition was already launched last intramurals, but it will be more extensive in monitoring this year. 

She said that after the game ends, CLAYGO marshals will check the cleanliness of the area.

“If hugaw ang venue, both colleges nga ni-play sa game kay ma-demeritan. And ang points nila sa CLAYGO competition kay maapil sa overall points nila sa whole intrams,” she explained. 

(If the venue is messy, both colleges that played in the game will receive demerits. Their points in the CLAYGO competition will contribute to their overall points in the whole intrams)
The competition’s guidelines stated that competing teams will receive a varying number of merit or demerit points based on the cleanliness of different venues on and off campus.


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