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Ace Logic Solutions explains CCTV system now working

By: Jelanie Rose T. Elvinia

AFTER AN UNANSWERED issue on Silliman University’s CCTV system’s inability to record a campus theft last Nov. 19, the system supplier clarified that it was due to the unfinished installation process of the cameras.

Ace Logic Solutions is the supplier of the entire CCTV system of the university.

The issue started way back November last year when Earl Magbanua, a senior law student, lost his bike worth 90 thousand at Villareal Hall. He asked for the footage of the incident from the Public Assistance and Security Offce (PASO); however, he could not get any since it was discovered that the installed cameras were not functioning properly.

The real story
“It [CCTV] needs a lot of time to be installed,” Carlo Uy Matiao, manager of Ace Logic Solutions said. Uy Matiao explained that there are two phases for the installation. First was the putting up of the first five cameras and second was
for the other cams. He said that by the time the incident happened, they were
still on the second phase of the process, which is why it was not recorded.
Uy Matiao clarified that the camera units don’t have any problem. He further explained that the real issue was with the type of system to be used that will really fit the structure of the campus. “Our first plan was the CCTV analogue system. But
due to the very complex area of Silliman, it’s not applicable. So we decided to have
the IP camera (Internet Protocol System), a new technology for surveillance,” Uy
Matiao said. The difference between the two is that the CCTV analogue system
uses wires while the IP cameras process data through the wireless network.

The picture at present

The IP cameras were fully mobilized by late November according to Uy Matiao. “It’s working as what we’ve expected.” He
added that their technicians who installed the system are “really competent” experts.

On the other hand, Dr. Nichol Elman, PASO chief confirmed that the system is now working well. “I hope it will be a great help for us. It’s a very good system to help us especially in Silliman which has a very complex campus with so many
gates to guard for,” he said.


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