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SUSG to recruit DASIG volunteers 

By Kean Andrei Bagaipo | February 9, 2024

Following its launching on Jan. 11, the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) is set to open its volunteer recruitment for the Diverse Advocates for Student Inclusion and Growth (DASIG). 

“The recruitment and screening of interested volunteers are scheduled to commence with a launch date within the first two months in the semester,” said SUSG President Enrica Dinopol and Vice President Timothy Libres. 

DASIG was one of Dinopol and Libres’ flagship programs from last academic year’s election campaign. It aimed to create a consultative body for sectoral representation and mobilization of underrepresented groups in the university. 

Based on last year’s SUSG platform update, Libres mentioned that the SUSG sought to implement the project and start its recruitment process at the end of the first semester. 

However, the initial proposed timeline coincided with three other flagship programs: the Study Space Initiative, Collective Community Action Plan, and Legal Assistance Program.

Considering the potential impact of these programs, SUSG said that they decided to “allocate additional time and preparation” for the project. 

“This was done to ascertain the successful execution of the different flagship programs of the SUSG, without compromising the quality or efficacy of any of the programs,” they added.

On creating a consultative body through DASIG 

The implementation of DASIG establishes a specific consultative body for sectors such as the LGBTQIA+ community, Persons with Disabilities (PWD), working students, those balancing parental responsibilities, student-athletes, women, and religious and ethnic minority groups.

According to the SUSG, there has “never been a consultative body” specifically dedicated to these sectors. Through DASIG, they commit to “proactively address this void by affording them the platform.”

“With the creation of this body, we want [the] SUSG to have a more inclusive and participatory decision-making process, ensuring that the diverse perspectives and concerns of the student body are actively considered in shaping the policies and initiatives in the university,” they explained. 

On SU and HPF’s collaboration this year

DASIG’s launching was held through the SU x Harvard Cultural Unity Affair,  an annual activity trip of the Harvard Philippine Forum (HPF) participated in by Filipino students and Filipino-Americans from Harvard University.

In their previous trip to the university, Dinopol served as the event’s head organizer where they focused on building networks for student leaders in Dumaguete City and the Harvard Cohort. 

Citing her talk with HPF Core Co-Events Head Miggy Antonio, the SUSG said that they came up with an agreement that this year’s event should recognize the “common need to share the personal struggles, differences, and indifferences in the lives of Sillimanians and those studying abroad.” 

“With these aspirations in mind, we collectively decided that this event would serve as an opportunity to empower Sillimanians to volunteer and familiarize themselves with the DASIG Program through the SU X Harvard Cultural Unity Affair,” the SUSG said.


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