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UCLEM challenge: Walk with faith

By Timothy Libres | December 5, 2023

Asst. Prof. Dominador Tuason urged Sillimanians to “walk with faith” by “being of service to others” during the recently concluded University Christian Life Emphasis Month (UCLEM).

Tuason delivered this call during the UCLEM culmination and all dormitory worship service on Nov. 29 at the Silliman University (SU) Church. 

“Believing in Him means living a life that is directed towards righteousness. Choose what is right,” Tuason said. “Do not be afraid to speak for the truth because Jesus himself is the truth.” 

Tuason also emphasized the importance of upholding faith in God when confronted with challenges. 

He concluded his message with a call for students to “look for [the] needs of others” as they leave the halls of Silliman. 

UCLEM is a biannual SU activity dedicated to strengthening SU community members’ faith in Christ. This semester’s theme, “Embracing God’s G.I.F.T (Great, Incredible, Favor, Today),” drew inspiration from the Bible verse, John 3:16. 

What’s different this sem? 

When asked about the difference in the UCLEM celebration this semester, Rev. January Alpuerto, minister for students and campus chaplaincy, said that the theme makes it different and “is something to look forward to.” 

“Every semester, you have different themes. This time, the theme is about gifts. Anybody can desire a gift, but there is one ultimate gift that we should be looking forward to God,” she said. 

Meanwhile, Antonio Delicana, SUSG Spiritual Life Committee Chairperson, said they noticed a higher turnout of people joining UCLEM events compared to last year. 

Students’ opinion 

Ann Mejares, a senior human resource management student, commended the church’s efforts in organizing UCLEM. 

“It’s truly commendable how the church brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds, creating an environment where we could all celebrate and cherish our faith together,” she said. 

Meanwhile, Roi Morin, a senior foreign affairs student, said that the UCLEM celebration enabled him to reignite his faith in God and gain insights into the spiritual experiences of others. 

“In the midst of the UCLEM celebration, I found a profound moment to reconnect with my faith in God. The atmosphere of UCLEM was filled with a sense of spiritual unity, which ultimately allowed me to not only strengthen my own beliefs but also gain valuable insights on the spiritual experiences of those around me,” he said. 

Plans for next semester 

When asked about the plans for the UCLEM celebration next semester, Alpuerto said they are starting to conceptualize the theme, focusing on leaving up the gift of God. 

Alpuerto added that she hopes to provide more snacks for the students during Galilean fellowship and Bible study.

Editor’s note: This post is part of the Weekly Sillimanian and the College of Mass Communication collaboration. Students taking COM 33 – News Editing and Production under Asst. Prof. Irma Pal temporarily take over the operations for a week or one issue as their final requirement. 


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