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Sillimanian bags award at nat’l confab

By Timothy Deo Libres | December 4, 2023

Enrica Dinopol, a Silliman University junior Business Economics student, won fourth place in the Business Impromptu Speech competition during the 33rd National Conference of the Council of Management Educators and Professionals in the Philippines, Inc.

Dinopol competed against 45 participating Philippine schools that showcased their understanding of the theme “Charting the path: Embracing recalibrations in business and management for praxis in a dynamic world.”

When asked about her preparations for the competition, Dinopol said that she trained almost every day “to learn the different trends and threats in contemporary business.”

“It was a commitment fueled by passion and a drive to excel,” she said.

Dinopol added that she reads at least 11 news articles per day to be informed about the current business landscape.

Dinopol also said that despite her preparations, she faced the problem of the unpredictable nature of the topics.

“Adapting to unfamiliar topics and maintaining a coherent and compelling narrative within a limited timeframe is extremely challenging. As a way forward, I conditioned myself to improvise,” she said.   

Dinopol also said that joining the competition broadened her knowledge of the business world and allowed her to apply what she learned in her business economics class.

“This fusion not only deepened my understanding of business concepts but also equipped me with the practical skills essential for navigating the complexities of the professional arena,” Dinopol added.

Dinopol represented Central Visayas after winning first in the regional level competition.

The national conference included talks on the “challenges in the field of business” with business professionals and management educators.

The three-day event occurred on Nov. 18 at Newtown Plaza Hotel, Baguio City.

It involved research presentations, the business impromptu speech competition, and the induction of newly elected national COMEPP Inc. officers from different Philippine colleges and universities.

Editor’s note: This post is part of the Weekly Sillimanian and the College of Mass Communication collaboration. Students taking COM 33 – News Editing and Production under Asst. Prof. Irma Pal temporarily takes over the operations for a week or one issue as their final requirement.


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