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SU tech lab conducts free computer education

By Allianah Junnice Bolotaulo | November 17, 2034

Centered on fighting information disorder on social media, the Silliman University (SU) Dr. Mariano Lao Innovation, Creation, and Invention Laboratory held a free computer education initiative last Nov. 11. 

It consisted of six modules with self-paced activities, micro-learning sessions, and gamified challenges open to all students regardless of academic institution. 

The initiative aimed to “cultivate responsible social media usage habits, including critical evaluation of content and responsible sharing practices,” as the lab believed it is “crucial” to identify truth from misinformation in today’s digital landscape. 

The students were taught how to register at ourSOUL – Open Online Courses Learning Management System, an open-to-all learning platform, to access the modules

The modules included the following topics: Misinformation, Disinformation, Mal-information, and Social Media; Architects of Networked Information; Trolls and Deepfake Technology; Fact-Checking Process, Tools and Platforms; Becoming a Responsible Social Media User; and Digital Means to Fight Information Disorder on Social Media. 

Speakers of the initiative included Jan Cynth Palama, Aurielle Lisa Maypa, Alfie Arcelo, and Fredlie Bucog.

The first three modules informed students of what information disorder is and how it is created and shared.

The last three modules aimed to teach students how to fact check, apply preventive measures, and fight against information disorder. 

After completing the training, students received module certificates depending on their performance. 

Students from the SU College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business Administration, College of Computer Studies, and Negros Oriental State University participated in the initiative.


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