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SUCC members bag awards in Buglasan photo tilt

By Rainne Nocete | November 9, 2023

Seven members of the Silliman University Camera Club (SUCC) were included in the top 20 of “Garbo Sa Kabisay-an,” a co-project photography competition of Mugna Gallery and the Province of Negros Oriental’s Buglasan 2023 Committee.

Among the top 20 were the following: Hannah Bella Ragay’s “Vibrance of Expressions,” Craig Estrada’s “Iconic,” Jhev Sagario’s “Smile,” Myke Kristoffer Catilogo’s “Behind Every Libo, There is Ngiti,” Aldrich Jan Callueng’s “Blue Horizon,” Tyron Jhonrey Sanoy’s “X Marks the Spot,” and Seigfred Vince Teves’ “Whimsical Phantasm.”

Third placer Hannah Bella Ragay said her piece was meant to show how “colors can be expressed in every person’s presence.”

“I wanted to showcase the colors in the dancers’ costumes and their movements while [they are] dancing,” she added.

During the competition, Ragay faced challenges since she used a wide lens while other photographers used high-end zoom lenses.

“I was inspired by seeing famous street photographers doing a low angle, and I already [use] that every time I go on a photo walk. But doing that in the competition made me feel that this could capture [all the] happenings and turn [them] into a masterpiece,” she explained. 

On advice for photographers who want to win competitions, Ragay encouraged photographers to “focus on their own.”

“It is you who can create a masterpiece by having [the] dedication to capture that moment,” she said.

The winning photographs will be displayed at the Mugna Gallery in Valencia from Nov. 4 to 26.


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