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SU ranks 8th among private PH schools

by Kean Andrei Bagaipo | October 19, 2023

Aiming to be an institution with growing scientific performance and productivity, Silliman University (SU) ranked eighth in the Philippine top private universities category by the Alper-Dodger Scientific Index (AD-SI) 2024.

Alper-Dodger, a global scientific index, rates higher education institutions (HEIs) by measuring the productivity and citation impact of their scientists and researchers’ publications over the last five years.

AD-SI published the updated ranking for 2024 on its website with the data of over 22,000 universities from 218 countries in the world.

Under the Philippines, SU placed 15th among the 261 public and private universities, climbing two steps higher from its 17th spot in 2023.

Moreover, the university also ranked 1,187th in Asia and 2,345th worldwide among private institutions.

Meanwhile, ten scientists and researchers from SU made it to the 2024 AD-SI list of the best scientists in the world for their contributions in different fields. 

Dr. Rene Abesamis, a marine engineer, led the group in his study “Larval dispersal and movement patterns of coral reef fishes and implications for marine reserve network design,” which had the highest citation impact for the last six years.

Aside from Abesamis, other SU’s best scientists include Dr. Hilconida Calumpong and Dr. Nadia Palomar Abesamis in the field of marine sciences, Dr. Dennis McCann in psychology, Abner Bucol in biological science, Dr. Enrique Oracion in anthropology, Dr. Haidee Mana-Ay in physics, Dr. Dave Marcial, Dr. Liezel Estrella-Pajulas, and Dr. Chuchi Montenegro. 

Other studies published with the most citations were Calumpong’s “Extinction Risk Assessment of the World’s Seagrass Species,” McCann’s “Christian Realism and Liberation Theology: Practical Theologies in Creative Conflict,” and Oracion’s “Toward developing a complete understanding: A social science research agenda for marine protected areas.”

According to the global ranking system, the results were based on the computed total H-index, i10 index, and the citation scores of individual researchers and their publications for scientific studies, such as articles and books. 



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