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SU faculty members bag award in int’l confab

By Rainne Nocete | October 11, 2023

Silliman University (SU) faculty members received “Best Oral Presentation” in the Societas Ethica Philosophica, Inc. (SEPI) International Conference on Christian Philosophy, Sustainability, and Development last Sept. 28-30 at SU.

LJ Zaphan Lamboloto, a Philosophy Department faculty member, presented his research, Modern Christianity and Theological Syncretism: A Critique of Ecumenism.

Dr. Alana Leilani Narciso, associate dean of the SU College of Arts and Sciences, delivered her paper, In Search for Lessons: What Students Look for in Stories.

Research impact

Lamboloto’s paper argued against ecumenism, a movement that “attempts” to unite Christian denominations.

He further added that the vision of ecumenism is “unrealistic.”

“There are doctrinal differences that are distinct and exclusive in nature that make the prospect of ecumenism unachievable,” he said.

Lamboloto clarified that the paper is “not to invalidate the work done that unified the churches” but rather to question the theological differences, specifically Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, that make the ecumenical movement “implausible.” 

Meanwhile, Narciso’s paper surveyed over a hundred undergraduate students taking literature classes about what they look for in stories and lessons.

The research results suggested that ethical inquiry benefits students’ reading experience since “stories have powerful (ethical) invitations.”

She added that her study helps literature teachers overcome “discomfort” with lessons and “embrace the opportunity to help students develop an ethos.”

(Via Silliman University Office of Information and Publications)


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